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There is research that could demonstrate an mportant role of probiotics in tackling the neurotoxins and bacteria in the gut which can cause autism.

Research led Professor Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbiology and head of the Food Microbiology Sciences Unit at the University of Reading has been screening stool samples from 150 autistic children in the US and they found a very high prevalence of the harmful bacteria, clostridia. A second research programme examining the gut flora of 60 British autistic children also revealed high levels of clostridia, which were not present in their non-autistic brothers and sisters.
Clostridia are a group of harmful bacteria that can exist without oxygen. They occupy the stomach and small intestine and can exist in high levels of stomach acids. They seem to be present in high concentration related to a number of diseases including stomach ulcers and now autism. A healthy level of probiotics seems to restrict the occurrence of high concentrations of this bacteria.
Women therefore  should consider purchasing a good broad range probiotic as a precaution against having children born with this condition..
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