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Candida is a group of yeast-like fungi that lives in moist areas of the body, including the alimentary tract and vagina. Normally, the populations of candida are kept in check by beneficial bacteria in the body, but sometimes they grow beyond tolerance levels and the infected person suffers a disease called candidiasis or thrush. In the vagina, thrush causes a white discharge and is accompanied by itching and soreness. Some doctors believe that heavy infections of candida in the gut can contribute to a wide range of different disorders, including abdominal discomfort, disturbed bowel function, soreness, and itching. Men also suffer from Candida but with less symptons, unfortunately they can infect their wife or girlfriend who suffers a lot more discomfort.
The yeast infections find it hard to take hold if there is a healthy amount of intestinal bacteria in the gut and the yeast is kept to a normal level. Antibiotics, age, chemicals in the food all reduce the probiotics in the body and this is when the candida yeast takes hold.

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